It's been a few years since I last moved house, although that was a small hop. Just across the hallway from my previous flat. I figured it was about time to move countries again, so I said goodbye to folks, closed all my accounts, and have finally made the move I've been planning for a long time now: to Norway.

I'm just about starting to get settled in here, I have my fødelsnummer and other paperwork mostly sorted out and am generally loving things. I guess I might have to start writing in Norwegian sometime in the future for practice, but perhaps that's something for another blog.

As a result of all this, my work situation is changing a bit, but not too much, thankfully. I've been forced to start my own company (my second in my lifetime, actually), but thankfully I'll keep working along with the great folks at Collabora - just with a little more freedom for adventure, should I so wish it.

Oh, and I nearly got married while my parents were visiting. But the paperwork didn't quite arrive in time.

That's about all the life updates for now... ;)