Just a short post, as I'm by now fashionably late for this.

I attended MeeGo Conference in San Francisco in May, my greatest thanks to my excellent employer, Collabora Ltd for sponsoring my trip. It was a pretty intense week for a lot of reasons, one of which being that the week before my visit, I was asked to demonstrate some software I have been working on, a sort of mesh synchronised object store.

I showed off a simple contacts application synchronising contacts across three devices, but my real plans for that are a lot more - but that is content for another post, perhaps, another day. I think the show went pretty well, certainly, the reception of some parts of the keynote was a bit mixed.

It was also the first time I have visited the US before, and it was certainly a different experience to practically anywhere I have been before. San Francisco was an interesting place in particular to visit, with extreme contrast (people living on the streets with obvious mental issues, while there are villas in the background etc.) and typical cultural differences, some of which I found quite strange, like mandatory tipping. All in all, I think I'd visit again, though.

The conference itself was quite excellent, lots of interesting talks going on, and as usual, meeting all the familiar faces - and making new friends - was fantastic. I only wish I had been less frantically busy and jetlagged (or tired after being busy) to make more of the experiences. By the time I had recovered from everything, the conference was almost over. Though thankfully, I spent an extra two days wandering the streets of the city seeing some sights.