Also late, but at least it's only a few weeks late, I also attended the first Qt Contributors summit, in Berlin in June. Berlin seemed like a fairly typical european city , at least to me, although my experience admittedly isn't that broad yet. I had a few problems with some unfriendly locals making my trip a little more hasslesome than it would perhaps have been otherwise, but all in all, I quite enjoyed it. I don't think my friend John did, though, as he lost his luggage. :)

Meeting so many Qt folks was great, the content of the discussions was intriguing, and I'm sure that some solid work has been laid for the future. I know that I got quite a few ideas for my current pet project, poking at the guts of QFileSystemWatcher to make it much more useful, and hopefully less resource intensive (in most situations) by means of not using a thread internally for no good reason. But that's material for another day.