I've now wasted spent a highly enjoyable day trying to build Skia. Your provided, autotools build system is out of date and doesn't work (and let me assure you, dear third party reader, that this issue isn't the only one), which isn't really surprising since the last time you appear to have updated your build system was in March 2009, and there's a large part of your source that it doesn't cover (e.g. everything outside /src/core/). I don't really have the time (or know autotools), otherwise I'd try fix this.

So, I think to myself, Chromium uses Skia. Surely I can build Skia from a Chromium checkout. And you can!

But don't forget to wave a dead chicken, remember to *also* build and copy libskia_opts.a (not just libskia.a), and figure out how to remove parts of Chromium from also being used/linked in with the third party Skia source.

I'm up to that last part, in case you wondered.