subtitle: "why can't I stay in one country for more than three months this year".

On the one hand, it's great to see people I haven't seen forever - or for a very long time, and new places... but on the other hand... I really don't like the travelling part of travelling. Ironic, given how much of it I'm doing this year!

I've been to Norway to spend some of summer with Kamilla's family.

I've gone to Australia to spend some time with my family - plus the first real time off I've had in a while (which was lovely, I went to the beach, even though it's technically winter there, and went swimming).

I returned, after all this, back to the UK for a day, before flying out to Helsinki for work. It's been good fun. I've got to meet some great fellow Collaborans (I'd have linked to Siraj's blog, but I can't seem to find one that looks recent.. Hi Siraj! :)), and a lot of other cool people.

Helsinki is quite a nice place. I'm enjoying my time here. But I am looking forward to going home. :)