I've been meaning to write this up for a while, but (due to one thing and another) it's taken a little longer for me to write than I'd have liked. But, better late than never, eh? :)

This is a short note that Facebrick will have a pair of helping hands for 2010, in the form of Kamilla Bremeraunet, a keen Norwegian studying at the University of Hull, in the UK.

A brief list of what she'll be working on (possibly more, if I whip her enough!):
  • A more useful replacement for the Nokia Facebook Desktop widget, which is scrollable,and links to the individual items instead of to www.facebook.com
  • Inbox support: view, send and receive messages
  • Change text size using the volume buttons: at the moment FaceBrick’s font size can’t be changed, and some of the users from the Maemo Community have requested a way of doing so.
I'm sure she'll be a useful help, and that you, the Maemo/MeeGo and Facebrick user community will make her feel more than welcome. You'll be hearing more about her and her intentions in the near future once she finishes up the remainder of her coursework for this semester.