Another great example of how open source is all about 'scratch your own itch'. I started writing code for a Facebook client on Maemo (although once MeeGo is in a more usable state with regards to UI and application development, I'll be porting it to work there as well) a week or two ago now. I finally got tired of using the Nokia Facebook widget which is totally and utterly useless (if I wanted a link to facebook on my desktop, I'd make one. Ok, it's nice being able to see status updates - but come *on*. Let me click them at least.)

So, I started writing code after having found libqfacebookconnect, using Qt. Within a day or two I had something that could read newsfeeds, and post status updates. I found a Qt on Maemo bug along the way, and spent some time digging into that, but it's progressing nicely, and seems to have been quite popular with the folks in the Maemo community.
(facebrick, pre-v0.1)

A few weeks later, and it's growing really well. I'm happy with the progress (although I have a really long list of stuff I still want to do, including replacing that useless desktop widget).

It's going to keep me busy for a fair while to get it up to scratch, but I'm having fun, and the feedback and mini-community I'm forming around this are awesome.
(facebrick, first release)

I'd also like to take a moment to thank m165 (from amongst others for their many ideas and feedback, lcuk (for his interesting discussion), and MohammadAG (from #maemo and TMO) for his help with packaging (though I still have *a lot* to learn in that department)
(facebrick, latest release)

As (I hope) is visible, it's evolving fairly rapidly, mostly through suggestions from the die-hard early adopters I've found, but it's got a long way to go yet.

Thankfully, most of the fun of software development comes from the ride. ;)