So, it's been a pretty crappy year so far hardware wise. My Vaio's headphone jack and 'a' key are broken, so it's been in for repair (and Sony, you're taking an awfully long time to repair relatively minor damage. It's been in since the 22nd of Febuary now...), and as of this weekend we just had, one of the hard drives in my desktop RAID died. All this is kind of inconveniencing my development efforts, which is annoying, but I'll survive.

I'm going to be buying another two to replace both of them, of course, as I don't want to put all my trust in the remaining drive not falling over.

On the subject of hardware, anyone got any recommendations laptopwise? I'm probably going to be replacing this Vaio soon, as it's just over a year old now and keeping it much longer will lead to depreciation - not a good thing.

I'm after a fair bit of power, seeing as I like compiling things like Qt every once in a while (not to mention KDE), and I'm also a fan of reasonable graphics (NVidia please, I had ATI *hell* last weekend, but that's a whole other story) as I game once or twice a month.