So, as I mentioned in my previous entry (, there isn't a huge need to worry about MeeGo.

After doing some more reading around the internet, I thought I'd best address another facet of this - that of application compatibility.

A lot of people seem to be of the assumption that MeeGo will be completely incompatible with everything out there, and really, this isn't the case.

For starters, take Maemo. MeeGo has a very similar stack to Maemo. It's basically Linux. It has X, Qt and Gtk+, and all the other things you're used to. Software using it will continue to work. It might need some packaging work, but that's not a big deal, and better minds on mine will hopefully come up with ways to minimise the amount of work needed here.

For Qt applications, this will already be very minimal with tools like MADDE helping cross compilation and packaging, and one can only presume that this *will* get better. In fact, Qt if anything, as with Maemo, is *helping* application compatibility, as software written for totally different platforms is easier to get running, due to Qt doing most of the heavy lifting for just about all parts of an application (audio, video, graphics..).

Again, I'd like to appeal for some sanity and a sense of calm here. This isn't the end of things, it's the start of something *much* bigger, and we're all a part of it.