Despite the (potentially suspicious) title, this blog posting is about nothing saucy, just me writing up a quick entry before bed.


Conspire's in-place search now works just a tiny bit better (the "forwards" button actually *does* something), and it also provides visual feedback when there are no matching text entries, which should also be helpful... I find it much easier to use at least.

GMS also had it's second (first real) commit from me today, the skeletal web end of things is now in there, which is good.

On freenode, it seems like an (eventual) project after GMS may be re-templating and doing various work on the website. Rar...

More cupboard doors on the kitchen, which makes me a happy chappie. Just three to go now, and we're done with the annoying part - although we also have two new ones to put on which is probably going to suck.

I swear, I'm never redecorating for a year after this. Oh, well, except after I finish the staircase.... :(