So, a third post in a day - this one about the Real World(tm).


I was incredibly tired after last nights Marathon Bug Hunt Session with Namegduf, which happily resulted in fixing the Bug To End All Bugs (aka, I link anope and my network falls apart occasionally), however I yawned a lot, logged into my laptop, yawned a lot more, and proceeded to bug christel on IRC(! see, I told you you'd get a mention) about defocus and other goodly freenode bits, etc ..err, osv. :)

(I'm really enjoying my time on freenode, although I wish I had a bit more to devote to it at the moment...)

, so I soldiered on steadily, squashing a few work related issues before finding out that we had a launch happening today, which I thought was tomorrow.


Thankfully that went off largely without a hitch, despite taking most of my afternoon away.

Then, it suddenly poured down rain on the kitchen cupboard doors we'd left outside after painting.

Fuck. Talk about one thing after another.

Fast forward, it's evening time, and Kamilla and her mother arrive back home, from "picking the kitchen doors up", with -- a laptop and a fridge.

Lesson learned: never let two women go to town shopping together!

Anyway, I got to set it up, it's a nice Toshiba, and was quite inexpensive too. Given my shit experiences with HP, I think I'll be buying Toshiba next time.

The fridge was heavy.

Taking the old leaking one outside was even more heavy.

I can't wait to be back home sometimes. :)