So, I say I'm going to use this more, and then I run off from the internet for a while and nothing gets put here. Fantastic!

In the spirit of trying to actually use this again, here's what the past few months of my life have comprised of:

1) Going and visiting my family in Australia, my place of birth. I stayed there all of June.
2) Going to England in early July.
3) Staying overnight
4) Waking up, going to the airport, catching a plane to Norway
5) Staying in Norway, while catching up on most of what I missed while I was in Australia...

5) is the important point. What did I miss out on, you ask?

1) InspIRCd. It was largely neglected during this time, in fact, the build was broken for a week or so.
2) ChatSpike (I was hardly online)
3) Atheme (There were bugs in the CS conversion, oops)
4) My real life
5) ... You get the picture

So, what have I been doing since I got back?

Well, Insp extbans are now sexy. I'll devote a seperate post to them. I'm now on the Conspire dev team, which is proving to be quite fun, I've added a few things I like in IRC clients already.. I'm also working on GMS (group management system) for freenode, and trying to get rid of my backlog of stuff to do at work... all good fun.

Oh, and I'm renovating a kitchen, in case that wasn't enough for you.

If this isn't purgatory, I don't know what is. :-)