Yet another third party module done by moi for 1.1, probably the last for a while as I'm a bit tired of things right now (and need a break) - but nevertheless, here it is.

It's a (reasonably) direct port of Syzop's antirandom module for UnrealIRCd, to InspIRCd, minus the weird regex code that seems to be unused, and hopefully with a little more good taste than the original.

You may get it here:

Requests on additional features are welcome. Currently only KLINE and ZLINE actions are supported.

I'd recommend a threshold value of 6-8, the default is 10, which is a little lax, but should still catch a reasonable number of bots. In testing, I got one false positive user under 10.

If you have any suggestions or feedback, feel free to drop me a mail at my address on the modules page.