We have two new developers who have recently joined us - aquanight and fez, both previously of UnrealIRCd fame. They have both so far proved to be worth their weight in gold. fez has proved invaluable with his knowledge of the windows platform, and has provided some useful insight which should be very useful in providing a 1.1.17 that doesn't suck on windows.

aquanight has mostly been helping out with 1.2, the new logging API is now (just about) finished, and servers may now for example log to channel(s) instead of just to files. Useful stuff. He's also added timed invites:
/invite user #chan 60s
creates an invite that will expire in 60 seconds.

dz has also been quite active, and it's lovely to see that people who aren't (yet) official developers contributing so actively to the project - it really enthuses the rest of us.

What have I been doing? I've been working on logging in 1.2, as well as a few other bits. One useful feature addition from me is that /gline etc now work on nicks, for the (many) lazy opers out there.

Short version:
1.1.17 to be expected real soon
1.2 going well

We rock.