Idle musing of the day is on whether netiquette actually means anything for some people. Log was retrieved through /lastlog, commentary will follow:

* raven_ ( has joined #inspircd
* ChanServ sets modes [#inspircd +v raven_]
<raven_> hey i have a pretty quick question
<raven_> can i use inspircd with gnuworld services?
<nenolod> raven_, no
<raven_> why the hell not
<nenolod> raven_, because it's not P10
<raven_> well that fucking sucks
<raven_> what services can be used?
<Special> raven_: any that support inspircd, it's up to them
<raven_> do list a bunch so i can relay this on because we use ircu with X and ircu is gay and doesnt wanna resolve and dns
<raven_> stupid bitchx
<raven_> Why didnt u guys code in X?
<raven_> You coded inspircd so its also ur job
<raven_> to add it so it works
<nenolod> raven_, no. it's their job to write inspircd.
<nenolod> raven_, if you want to pay them, then I am sure they will do what you ask.
<raven_> Who wrote Inspircd?
<raven_> therefor its not IRCU job to fucking program inspircd its urs fucking noobs
<w00t> raven_, X isn't a part of inspircd you fuckjob
<nenolod> raven_, why don't you kindly fuck off?
<Special> raven_
<raven_> its both
<Strike> raven_, no.
<spazzles> raven_, do you know ANYTHING about ircd development?
<raven_> Wow im being threaten by an ircop
<raven_> Ya it does because u just threaten to abuse ur powers
* Special has kicked raven_ from #inspircd (you're an idiot.)
<Special> 19:02:40 -!- raven_ [] has joined #chatspike

Now, of course, we weren't as polite as we could have been. But, then, what is the reaction supposed to be when you are faced with someone being offensive and not *using their brain*.

The long and short of it is that when you are asking questions, you should not imply you know more than you do. You should be polite. And, until people know you better, you shouldn't be a dickhead.

(for the record, that 'threat' was my requesting that he behave, else I'd kick him out. Which we did, of course.)

* raven_ ( has joined #chatspike
<raven_> is there an abuse channel here?
<w00t> raven_, if you think that's going to fly, get another thought
<raven_> you shouldnt fucking abuse ur powers w00t
<raven_> bans dont stop me lol assholes
<Strike> raven_, apparently rational thought doesn't either.
<raven_> Strike go suck a cock
* raven_ has quit (G-Lined: You aren't welcome here. If you can clean up your language and listen to what you are being told, come back in a day.)

So out of the network he went..

* raven_ (raven@4839FF.C1D89C.FD6FD5.6896BB) has joined #chatspike
* raven_ has quit (EOF from client)

Only to (briefly) evade, and recieve a permanent CIDR ban on his /24.

It would have been much nicer to have been asked questions by someone who had a clue, and wasn't an asshole. Then there wouldn't have been any drama.

Oh well. Hopefully this might help educate someone as to how not to act.