Lots has been happening, and I've had people bitching at me left, right and center to ..actually post something :p

So, in the spirit of goodwill, here goes. I'm blogging! :p

We've had a number of 1.1.x releases, the latest is 1.1.11 - 1.1.12 is probably still a little around the corner. Be careful when linking it back to 1.1.11, as a number of modules are now correctly marked common - so if you get messages about module mismatch on link, upgrade your other servers.

We're also cooking up a few new modules, I wrote m_nickflood the other day. It provides channelmode +F - set as +F nicks:seconds. If more than nicks occur in seconds, then further nickchanges in that channel will be denied.

SVN news: 1.1 has been branched, and we've started work on 1.2. Not too much to see that's different yet, but there is a reasonable amount of work going on under the hood. We'll keep you posted on that. One neat feature that Om and Brain cooked up was functors - the ability to override some of the core behaviour of the IRCd. This will make things like a module allowing UTF-8 nicknames for 1.2 theoretically possible. :)

While we're talking about 1.2, I'd like to direct everyone's attention to the newspost on inspircd.org about how to help out -- we're really in need of people in all areas, so come talk to us :).

Lots more has happened, but is escaping my thoughts at present. I'll be sure to try to keep posting this time. ;p