We've been a little quiet on the blogging front again, but we've been busy none the less!

Thanks to the help of a contributor we have a *native* windows port coming up, probably to be released with 1.1.8. It includes proper modules support (unlike 1.0 cygwin crap), iocp (fast socket engine on windows) and other schnazzy bits. Should be one to watch for!

I've also added the optional exemption of filtering of channel ops to m_blockcolor, and then decided that maybe a generic tag to exempt ops from different modes would be better, so now I'm working on that. Boooring stuff, but should be good once it's going well.

Brain's added some nice bits and pieces, such as a warning on server links when they don't respond to pings within a configurable time - which reminds me, /map for operators also shows link latencies now, which is way cool.

Our QA team seem to be getting back on track now too, which is great news - hopefully we'll see some heavy testing happening soon :)