So, we've been doing some work here and there on the windows version, and it's to a state where you can start playing with it. It comes precompiled, and with a windows GUI.

My version (the .zip) is also (minimally) preconfigured, you just need to remove the ban nick on * so you can connect ;p.

Brain's version (the installer - I was too lazy to fuck with nsis at 1.30am) comes with a stock example conf.

Vista users, the GUI controller app will have a few issues unless you run it as administrator at the moment - however, this is NOT recommended.

Please do not report bugs on any of this on the tracker, instead talk to us on IRC at #inspircd.

A final note that this IS pretty early on in the windows development, so it may come with free bugs, in fact, there's some chance it won't work at all! ;p. Try it and see.

Thanks, and enjoy.

Brain's version:

My version: