Before I give my hyperactive blogging a rest, probably best I mention two other really nifty (TM) features introduced over the past week or two!

First is m_auditorium: the basic idea being similar to ircnet's anonymous channels, or unrealircd's auditorium (+u) mode - funny that!

This is simply smashing for big channels, like meetings, or autojoin channels - whatever. It's the dogs bollocks.

On a more controversial note, we have m_invisible. Yes, this does what it sounds like: it's effectivly a mode to make yourself invisible in channels. Yes, this *can* be an invasion of privacy. Yes, a gun *can* be used to shoot a person. If you don't like the idea (some won't!) - then don't load it, or don't give anybody access to it (it requires a special item in your oper configuration to use.)

As the wiki page on this one says, "with great power comes great responsibility". We thought it would be better to give you the tools you need to find hackers, flooders, and such. Just don't abuse them.