We now support UHNAMES. In a module. As well as NAMESX, at the same time. That's damn cool.

For those of you that don't know what UHNAMES is, it's an extension to the IRC protocol that displays the full nick!user@host of users in a channel, rather than making clients /who the channel every 100-200 seconds to get the information (total waste of bandwidth!). Nifty.

We also have in SVN now a few extensions to /who that should come in handy, such as searching on ident et cetera.

Stripcolours has an allowchanops tag, so you can exempt them if you want.

Also, +d (deaf) usermode now sends you a naffy little warning when you activate it in case you don't know what it does. :)

Progress is like a train, and we're gonna run you all over. :D