The 1.1.0 release has been quite a success, but a few problems or usability issues have been noted. One of these was the requirement for the use of 4in6, with which I have interesting information...

The need for 4in6 is *gone*. That's right, you can bind to IPv4 and IPv6 addresses normally in configuration files in 1.1.1 without any special tricks or hacks to make it work. Much kudos to Brain for his work on this, it's looking quite sexah.

Also on the 1.1.1 list of cool stuff in ircd is - letting you bind your listening to a different interface than you're accepting links over. This should be good for multihomed IRCd users. Again, kudos goes to Brain.

I also can't omit the work peavey has been doing to debug a few problems here and there and to nip them in the bug, namely a few potential problems on netsplit and in m_ident - great work.

1.1.1 is now in the polishing phase, and we expect it to be released soon - exciting times :)