Tuesday, 5 October 2010

facebrick: the phoenix rises

I'll keep this one short, since technically it isn't my baby any more.

Facebrick is back, much kudos to Ahmad Mushtaq for his work in locating (and fixing) the problem caused by some Facebook change or other, and also to Kamilla Bremeraunet, former GSOC student, for her work in packaging and distributing the fixed library - as well as offering to take up Facebrick maintenence, an offer I have (gratefully) accepted. :)

So, Facebrick is back in operation. Enjoy! It's great that the source is open so that someone interested can continue on with this - this is what OSS is all about.


  1. Sorry for being dumb. But where can I find the new app? And great work!

  2. it still gives me the same error as befor unauthorized ip address

  3. @Bin >> Try to uninstall then install again.
    It work like a charm.
    @Ishara >> New version of Facebrick its already in repository.....
    @Robin >> Thanks Man, for making a great app. Can't wait for the next version.

  4. I just updated my firmware to PR1.3.
    but when I tried to re-install facebrick, I get error message (libqfacebook missing). I found the file (libqfacebook.deb) somewhere on the net. then I install it, but didn't get any luck. it says missing libqt4 or something...
    need solution so that I can intall facebrick again. thanks

  5. can somebody help me, when I run the application, the message to make the connection appear then i fill email n password correctly, but after that the error message that says application error show.

  6. Sir, when I try to use ur mainwindow cpp to get friend's wall info and try to change the session userid into my friend uid, then it give this error,
    facebook error is 94 - "uid in the where clause must be the session user"
    means I can not user ur code to show my friend's wall ? only my own wall?

  7. Same for me, "unauthorized ip address" with fresh install.

    What's the way to help for debug ?