Monday, 12 July 2010

Devices of the Undead

Just a short note to point n8x0 owners to the unofficial adaptation thread, where Stskeeps has made a preview release which demonstrates the MeeGo handset UX running on n8x0.

As he notes, it is pretty unusably slow right now, but hopefully that is an improvable slow. I've been spending some time with him on this to try improve the libmeegotouch end and it is good to see that progress is happening on getting it actually working on the devices.

It's a little intriguing as to what the slowness actually is. Software rendering on my desktop at least is pretty snappy (even under heavy load). I don't own an n8x0, so I think I'm going to have to dig around on my n900 and see whether I can find anything of interest out.


  1. Tell him he might try to use OMAPFB_SET_UPDATE_MODE and OMAPFB_MANUAL_UPDATE and then paint dirty areas. By default, I believe it uses OMAPFB_AUTO_UPDATE which repaints the whole screen.

    Look at qtmoko (or qtopia/qtextended) sources in devices/n810/src/plugins/qtopiacore/gfxdrivers/nokia

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  3. I'm a very fan of your project. Go on Guys!

  4. I would check the memory footprint. It has a nice property of bringing your device to a crawl without loading CPU, just by swapping.

    Would also check the amount of memory accesses in general. You may not notice them on the x86, but on ARM SoCs have notoriously slow memory subsystems, connected to slow SDRAM/DDR chips.