Sunday, 6 June 2010

Maemo? Portrait keyboard? Yes, we can!

The topic pretty much sums it up.

I got sick of applications reinventing portrait keyboards, and so dug around to find something that would work a bit more generically. I found that hildon-input-method had some example plugins, one of which provided a portrait-usable keyboard (pictured left). So, after the help of frals (and Stskeeps and yerga), we're on the road - now it's your turn to help us get a bit further.

It's still in a very early stage, and the stuff we're dealing with (hildon-input-method) is pretty scary ..not to mention that I'm not really the most experienced person in the world when it comes to raw Hildon/Gtk+, but I'm sure we can get there, with some help.

If you want to help out, come join us in the thread and wander over to Gitorious.


  1. Hi,

    I wonder why you haven't mentioned that keyboard is part of the Hildon Input Method example plugins.

  2. Hi,

    I didn't in this post, however, I did in the forums announcement - simple oversight. It is however implicit - Stskeeps helped me find a (working) copy of the plugin, and yerga provided some useful experience at getting it working.

    Regardless: I've corrected this now. Thanks for pointing it out.

    I wonder: if you're the original author of this, is there any chance I'd be able to speak to you (preferably over IRC/IM) some time to get better oriented with the code? I've very limited experience to Gtk+ and Hildon, so I'm having trouble understanding how things piece together.

  3. This was allready pretty much perfect on vertsms.

    so i dont see the reason why you are getting the credits for it

  4. @sygys:
    Please see my other reply to you:


  5. Excellent, look forward to it.

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